Out with the old, in with the new

It’s February, and after many months of meticulous renovation, erecting newt fences and digging out earth, Harefield Place is starting to emerge as the former glorious building it once was.

Since Christmas Harefield Place has been a flurry of activity – from carefully steaming and scraping down the old walls, to chipping off the remnants of mortar from salvageable bricks, to finally having internal walls going in! 

Historic houses are famed for their character and charm – something many of us find tempting when looking at buying a new house. We imagine ourselves living leisurely amongst big, beautiful sash windows and perfectly contoured cornicing, marvelling in the beauty of an older home. Many historic buildings, however, need a little more love and attention than a new build. There’s always a pipe to fix, or an old heating system that will (eventually) need replacing, or, in some cases, an entire renovation to complete!

This is why we started Harefield Place. We relished the challenge of creating a home with the beautiful, period features we all love, yet with the ease of new build living. We relished the idea of overhauling a building that had been neglected over the years, which could have been so much more than it was. We relished the thought of making this house a home.

And with some of the internal walls going up in January, it makes our completion in late summer 2018 feel even closer! It seems like only yesterday we were erecting newt fences and putting in the foundations for a gatehouse, even though that was over six months ago.

It’s exciting to think that soon this gorgeous, period house will be ready for its first occupants to move in and enjoy, without any of the worries that usually accompany a historic house purchase. We hope you’re as excited as we are!

If you’d like to know more about the individual apartments we have available for the Grade II listed building at Harefield Place, please register your interest here, and choose an apartment from our “Classic Collection”.

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