Site Update: 13th – 17th August

A lot has come together over the last few weeks for us to really begin to see Harefield Place taking its final form in this transformation.

This week has seen the roof of the new building being completed, really giving you a sense of the scope of the development, and how the two buildings will fit together when finished.

Both the internal and external aspects of the new build are also underway, with our dedicated team moving on from working on the structure of the building, and now focusing on constructing the core of what will eventually be 16 additional homes to complete the 9 in the renovated building.

Excitingly, we have now finished plastering a further 7 apartments in the original building, and now most of what remains to be completed on these homes is cosmetic. Since the launch of our show home (which perfectly illustrates the beauty and elegance of these homes), we have been delighted to show quite a number of people around. If you’re interested in viewing any of the collection, you can express your interest here.

Beyond the apartments, we are continuing to landscape the extensive grounds, which is quite an undertaking with the sheer size of the area. Despite this, we are already seeing it begin to look rather majestic, with a significant section already completed around the show home. Once the landscaping is complete, Harefield Place really will be a sight to behold.

With the whole development really starting to come together, we’re looking forward to meeting the first potential residents of this stunning estate.

If you are interested in viewing our show home, please fill in the registration form or contact us directly on +44 (0) 1895 733523.

Download the new Harefield Place Brochure

To download the brochure or book your exclusive appointment to view our stunning new Show Home, please register your interest by clicking on the button below. Alternatively if you would like to speak to us please call +44 (0) 1895 733523.

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