A Manor Queen Elizabeth I Visited Now Offers 25 Luxury Apartments

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“With The Crown releasing it’s latest season over the weekend, a craving to know about all things royal has once again set in. And in England, there are plenty of enchanting places royals have graced with their presence, leaving a wake of fame and majesty after they have stepped foot inside.

On the outside, this restored Georgian mansion may not look any different than when Queen Elizabeth I’s carriage arrived centuries ago. The queen, who was famously a patron of the arts, visited manicured Harefield Place and watched Shakespeare and his players perform Othello here. Today, many can enjoy the magic and theatrical beauty of this grand country manor and can even call it home. It is made up of 25 pristine apartments…

The regal, but sometimes surprisingly trendy, units have layouts with two bedrooms or three bedrooms, so the homes can function as a favorite holiday getaway for Londoners, much like Balmoral Castle is for the Royal Family. There is also a mix of classic or contemporary apartments, so buyers can ponder if their style is more like an old-school royal or the new generation of William and Kate and Meghan and Harry.”

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